I learned So Much At Front Sight's Four Day Handgun Course

4 Day Pistol Course Review

My name is Cesar, I'm from Fontana California.

I'm an analyst for a utility company and I enjoy shooting obviously I'm here, I enjoy racing cars just fun on the track, track days with my car and I enjoy just spending time with my kids and my wife
Back in 1994 I worked for a bank and in a year's time we had two takeover robberies both of those robberies I was held at gunpoint and shortly after that a couple years later I was with a group of friends we're at a Shakey’s in the parking lot after we had enjoyed a dinner at Shakey's and there was 11 of us but two guys came up held us at gunpoint took our money.

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The more I thought about my life now and the safety of my family I realized that I needed to get some kind of protection just about four months ago or five months ago I bought my first gun it's a pistol and then shortly after I bought a shotgun for home defense and really the reason I did it was because I thought the more and more crime happening, just things happening around my neighborhood I realized I need to be able to defend my family if something were to happen.

I have no way of defending my children down the hall for me if it was just me by myself I'd never had a problem I lived in an apartment I was ok but now I had other people that were relying on me to defend them to protect them and you know the police yes there only a phone call away but they're also 5 10 15 minutes away depending on where you live I couldn't wait for that and if something happened I would hate to feel like I could have had a gun I could have done something to protect my family and I was helpless so that's the reason.

I actually decided to get some training bought a gun didn't know how to use it decided to get some training and learn how to do that and that's why I'm here one of the things that I learned initially I owned the handgun I was afraid to loaded I had the gun in one place all my ammo is somewhere else everything locked up and realized that doesn't do me any good if I need it I can't get to everything in time and it's just useless to have that so with the training I've learned here I've become much more confident with using a gun handling a gun I'm confident if the gun is loaded that I know how to be safe with that loaded gun and if I need to use it I can use it safely .

I've learned how to you know be able to confidently walk around actually have a concealed carry permit now that's good in most states I'm from California so I don't get to use it there but when I'm outside of California I get to concealed carry and I feel very confident carrying the gun knowing that at any moment I need to use it I'm more than capable of doing what I need to what needs to get done.

Sometimes I've had some friends ask me why I'm coming to do this so I just tell my friends look if something happened I'd rather have the tools that I need to defend my family to protect my family and know that I can use those efficiently rather than just trust that my alarm is gonna work or my dog is going to you know to detour a burglar or that the police are gonna be strolling in the neighborhood when it happens and they'll just be right at my door within seconds I'd rather have that ability to know that they were protected and I took care of them in the moment rather than relying on somebody else so that's really why I came to get the training and learn how to use the handgun properly
Dr. Piazza I'd like to say first of all thank you very much for offering this training before I came here I looked into a lot of classes I've talked to some people that had been to different training courses everything I heard about Front Sight was positive and the environment was amazing so I decided to give this place a try, obviously I loved it I became an ambassador member I'm enjoying it this is my third class in three months so I'm having a great time and I really want to thank you because the tools and the instruction that I'm getting here really makes me a lot more confident around guns around being able to protect my family.

My wife's come to two courses with me she went from never having held to gun in her life to carrying a gun and safely handling shooting so I really want to thank you for giving us this environment where we can learn and we can hone in on our skills and use something that you know is our right here in the United States first of all and actually be able to use it effectively so thank you very much.

So if I could talk to the whole country about weapons about guns and handling guns there's two things that I'd like to bring up one it's our right it's in the Constitution that says we have a right to bear arms that's the right to defend ourselves so it was because like I said before I wanted to be able to defend my family if something happened or if I'm out and somewhere out and about and something should happen if I have my gun on me and I could take care of my family in the moment that's really why I came to Front Sight.

Secondly I've met a lot of people that have a concealed carry permit that have never taken any kind of training which to me is beyond comprehension I had to take classes to learn to drive a car I had to take classes to do anything that is remotely dangerous but yet there's so many people out there who would be willing to carry a gun because it's their right but never get any kind of training to use that gun properly.

Recently in New York there was an issue with police officers hitting 9 by standards because they didn't have proper technique or handling or whatever the situation was and I hear about it all the time people that have a right to carry a gun so they do browse site it but they don't get the training and that just to me blows me away nobody would think about giving their kids keys to the car without any proper training to drive a car but yet some people will put a gun in their hand and say here's a gun for your 18th birthday or 21st birthday or whatever the case might be and then not get the proper training to use that gun so definitely it is alright but we have to get the right training otherwise it's useless and it can be more dangerous than it can be good if it's in the wrong hands.

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